Friday, 1 September 2017

Creativity: From Mundane to Magical

I think it’s so awesome that no matter what the object, activity or pastime, no matter how mundane or obscure, there is always someone, somewhere rocking it with a creative vibe.

Take folding the wash for example. I have a mountain of it in front of my face right now. I usually avoid this activity because it can be rather dull but today I’ve decided to shake things up. I want to see if I can bring in some creative energy and turn it into something more enjoyable. Can applying some simple yet creative ideas to a task such as this actually help change my perception and enhance my experience? It’s time to strain the bean. washgirlcleanfullpic

Okay, after some brainstorming, over a cup of tea of course, here are my top 10 creative approaches to enhancing the relatively mundane task of folding the wash:

1. Audiobooks: I can entertain and/or educate myself with audiobooks. This is a great way to learn new things or lose myself in a fascinating story.

2. Music: Putting on some of my favourite tunes always helps me feel good. This time could also be used as an opportunity to discover new artists or bands.

3. Watch something uplifting: Watching a feel-good movie or series can be an entertaining option. I don’t have commercial television in my house, we got rid of it because we can’t stand the annoying, blaring ads so I opt for a DVD or online streaming. Bring on my 90’s favourites Keeping Up Appearances and Father Ted!

4. Singing: Singing always boosts my mood. I could do scales and exercises, have a sing along karaoke style or use this time to rock some tunes acapella.

5. Take it Outside: Weather permitting, folding the wash outside in the garden sounds like a nice change. I am keen to try this when the warmer weather arrives. I can set up the trestle table, which is currently collecting dust in the garage, on my deck. There would be plenty of room for all the folding and my dog Geoffrey would also enjoy spending more time outdoors.

6. Mindfulness: Tasks like folding the wash can be an opportunity for mindfulness. I can become aware of what my hands are doing, I can focus on my breathing and even recite some positive affirmations or mantras. Bringing my awareness and attention to the present will help me relax into the moment.

7. Exercise: Apparently there are all kinds of exercises one can do while engaged in housework, gently and safely of course. I could try lunges, squats, stretches, increasing the walking pace when moving from room to room etc.

8. Experiment with different ways of folding: I could mix things up by learning new ways of folding. There are several videos online that are devoted to fancy folding techniques. I just discovered that I can learn how to fold my hand towels into rosettes, bunnies and flowers. How ridiculously, deliciously fun! For something more practical I can also learn how to fold items in ways that save space and finally learn how to fold fitted sheets properly.

9. Make a game out of it: Nobody says you need to fly solo with these tasks. I can wrangle a loved one in and turn it into a game i.e. who can fold an item the quickest, who can empty their basket first etc.

10. Dance: This idea is great if you have children or grandchildren. I think it would be fun to create a cute dance jingle together based on the task at hand. Check out ‘The Wishy Washy Washer Woman’ dance for inspiration. This one is a lot of fun!


After this little exercise I actually think that even folding the wash, a job that I usually avoid for as long as possible, has the potential to become…wait for it…engaging!

So today’s golden nugget of creative wisdom brought to you courtesy of my washing pile, reads: Creativity creates possibilities. If you’re in a rut or feeling bored with certain activities tap into your own creative reservoir to generate new ways of approaching the tasks. Ideas can be practical, ridiculous and everything in between. Your imagination has the power to transform the mundane into the magical!

I now have 10 creative options to circulate through for future laundry folding and all of a sudden it no longer looks as dull as it did before. Seriously, I am going to get a chuckle out of my husband’s reaction when he discovers his handtowels have somehow morphed into bunnies. It’s silly but I believe that it’s the little, crazy, creative ideas that bring a lighter energy into our lives, which are often far too serious for our own good. I can now go on and apply this approach to a few other activities that need a boost. A little creativity really does go a long way.

What are your thoughts? Do you use creativity to make the seemingly mundane more magical? If so, what have you tried?

* Clipart from Josiemart on Etsy